Meet the Staff of Quest Auto Sales

Brandon Dahir - Senior Sales Associate

402-346-1004 -

Brandon is the green pea of the crew. With well less than 3 months in the business he is still learning the ins and outs of a no pressure, hassle free, work environment. As humble as they come and as quick as a whip Brandon will make sure your visit is pleasant and fun. Feel free to stop in and help the youngster learn.     P.S. that last line means be very mean to him.. 

Carla Castillo - Castillo - Ownership Transition Specialist

402-346-1004 -

Carla is our CSR and ownership Specialist. She keeps Quest going with her motor and energy. on the rare instance that there is an issue that deals with customers being happy Carla makes it right. Shes a valuable member of our team and of the community. 

Clint Yeager - General Manager

402-346-1004 -

As a 20+ year vet of the auto industry Clint fuels dealership growth with his non stop yapping. Not one to shy away from conversations Clint will make sure every member of the family feels warm and welcome. He also insults Yankee fans, as he should. No matter what you need there is no issue Clint wont address. 

Mike Bush - Senior Sales Associate

402-346-1004 -

Mike Bush is the prodigal son of Quest. After a brief hiatus Mike is back and firing on all cylinders. Come in welcome him home and don't forget your smile!

Rachel Ramirez - Cortes - Office Manager

402-346-1004 -

Rachel makes the dealership go round. She keeps the flow of titles ripping along at a frantic pace and handles a majority of our interactions with our ever growing latino customer base. If you need any help with any support issues she's your lady. IN ANY LANGUAGE!!

Zach Adkins - Merchandising Director

402-346-1004 -

Not only is Zach rocking on stage he is also helping bring the heavy metal to a driveway near you. The 2017 Ibanez Flying Fingers Champion is in charge of putting the charge back in your commute. He is responsible for keeping the inventory looking fresh and Quests digital footprint strong. If you need his assistance he's only one text, email, phone call away.

Mike Sharif - Owner

402-346-1004 -

Big Mike as we call him is an adventurist in every sense of the word. Starting as a buy here pay here dealership almost 20 years ago through hard work, tenacity, and a generous heart Big Mike has grown into a pre-owned monster of the metro. If you're looking for a 1st car or your 20th Big Mike has it.. And if he doesnt have it he can get it in a timely manner. From 1965 GMC Pickup to 2017 Maserati Big Mike has got your back. 

Terry - Director of Finance

402-346-1004 -

With 37 yrs in the Auto Industry there isn't a situation that he hasn't faced. If it's maintaining a high score on your credit with adding a third car or rebuilding your credit after uncontrollable situations Terry is the man you want on your side. Offering all the industry standards in vehicle protection in the most personable manner he's here to keep our owners and perspective owners happy. 

Gary pelan - Senior Sales Associate

402-657-7867 -

Gary is the leader of the crew. With more years in the industry than anyone else its his guidance that helps us get better daily. Stop in and see what we are talking about.