If you are in the market for an upgrade in vehicles, one of the most asked questions people start off asking is "Should I buy a New or Used Vehicle?" This question is one that is well loaded with multiple answers and is completely subject to the person's lifestyle and budget. As a Used Car Dealer in Omaha, our primary agenda is to obviously sell used cars, however, this question deserves both sides of the story. 

As car sales professionals, it is our civic (ha puns? no one?) duty to make sure our customers have a great experience and gain the most valuable content in order to make an educated decision about their purchase.  I mean, buying a car regardless if its a  new or a Used Car is a big decision, so make sure you have all your ducks in a row and weigh all the options!


With all the new makes and models that are coming out each and every year, it can be tempting to decide to just go and get one that is brand new and shiny.  This is one of the statement most buyers make when they are deciding between getting a New or Used Car: "Do I really want a car that somebody else has driven and has possibly messed something up with it, and I wont be able to fix it?"  This is a completely valid statement and should be addressed correctly.  Not everybody who has a car has completely damaged it and then turned it in to the dealer, your chances of receiving a vehicle that was completely destroys is very low.

There are many amazing qualities about a new vehicle:
  • Factory Warranty
  • Dealer Incentives and Discounts
  • More Customization Options (interior/exterior color)
  • Dealer Financing Rates

Used Cars
The used car market is so heavily saturated right now, you can't go even 10 miles without driving by a Used Car Dealer in Omaha. This has many benefits to the customers searching for the best price. With all the dealers aggressively selling these vehicles, you have an amazing opportunity to get quite the steal!  There is still some of a stigma about purchasing a Used Car, but in today's market, you are in the best environment to go the Used Car route versus the New.

To keep things unbiased as a used car dealer in omaha, there are some disadvantages to purchasing a used vehicle. Some of these include: no factory warranties, higher interest rates, possible condition of the car not meeting your standards. 

This should not scare you away because, there are so many benefits to purchasing a used car.
  • Cheaper Prices (compared to New Retail)
  • Depreciation has already taken its initial hit
  • Insurance Rates are Cheaper
  • Choice of older features that you liked more than the new
Hopefully this has helped you bridge the gap between which vehicle you should purchase next. As a Used Car Dealer in Omaha, Quest Auto Sales has sold thousand of Used Cars and we are proud to do so!

We do anything we can to make sure the experience is helpful whether we make the sale or not.  If you are going to buy a Used Car anytime soon, we suggest that you find a place like Quest Auto Sales that is family owned and operated, and has been for over 17 years!